Sunday, 12 June 2011


001. The birthday boy, me, my sister & Ryan at the pre drinks party, we have a weird friendship but we love it! I'm wearing a head wrap and top made by me. Primark aviators and Miss Selfridge shorts - 002. Me & Alice on the coach, yes we had a 52 seater into town! - 003. Nothing better than a bit of free bubbly! - 004. Me a little steams in Oceana - 005. Taking a tumble during the army toy soldier drinking game and taking the boyf' with me! - 006. Live action pose courtesy of Glam nightclub 

Last night a group of camouflage clad guys and girls hit the big smoke of Cardiff to celebrate a friends 18th birthday. My sister Alice and I grew up with the birthday boy James and his brother Ryan. Our parents lived next door to each other and became best friends resulting in us growing up like brothers and sisters; from hanging out on days off school to holidaying together and now going out to town! A night of army paint, free champagne, drinking games and dance tunes has taken it's toll, resulting in me basically not leaving my bed all day plus a suspected broken toe! It was such a good night spent with friends I wouldn't normally go clubbing with. We played the legendary game where you have to pick a toy soldier from a bag and when the whistle is blown take on the pose that your soldier is doing. Sounds easy enough but once several pints of pear cider & 6 inch heels have been added it becomes a dangerously funny game (as you can see from the photo)! I am proud to say that I came home with my soldier and aviators too, shame I wasn't so protective over my monies! I only decided to go out on Wednesday and so glad that I did, was an amazing night! I need to order a pizza and snuggle in my duvet now, hopefully the side effects of the amount of alcohol I drunk would have worn off by tomorrow...

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  1. I love your hair!! Looks like you guys had fun!


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