Thursday, 28 April 2011

You got a fast car, I want a ticket to anywhere...

001 . Longleat Zoo - 002 . Little Giraffes - 003 . My favourite photograph ever! - 004 . The maze which took us like 10 minutes to find the middle, well happy! - 005 . House brick sized butterfly, scary stuff! - 006 . Mr. Darcy #essex - 007 . Colourful birdies!

No post yesterday as me & the boyf' made a spontaneous decision to take a trip to Longleat Zoo! Best decision ever! It's a little sad but I used to watch 'Animal Park' every Saturday morning so was stupidly excited to see all the animals up close, and boy do you get close! I have a major thing for Giraffes, I think they're the coolest animals ever! Just look at the third photograph, my main man!ha. It was such an amazing day; I'd recommend it to anyone, no matter how old your are! The safari drive is fab', you can get really close to the rhino's, lions, tigers, giraffes, ahhh! There are also parts of the zoo where you can get up close to the littler animals like the parrots, meerkats, reptiles and butterflies. One little tip if you're planning on going; if you're precious about your car DO NOT go through the 'Monkey Drive-Thru', they rip off any part of your car that they can, I saw one cheeky monkey running around with a licence plate in his hand! The boyf' didn't seem to find it as funny as I did seems we were in his car!

I have designated this weekend to get my 'Royal Wedding Essay' for university out of the way. It can't just be me who is kind of fed up of hearing about the wedding before it's even happened!?ha. I've been trying to do some research this morning but keep finding things to distract myself with (more details to come, excited to share with you guys!). Do need to get my head down though, written 63 words when I should have 2,000 not looking good! Hope you enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow...

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