Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Look down that wishing well...

Manipulation samples and designs (I think we need some new garden furniture!)

Not the most exciting post today as in all fairness it's been a pretty mundane day! I spend the majority of the day sat out my back garden waiting for inspiration to strike in the form of my final design for my final project of my first year in university (it has flown by!). I can't fault the beautiful weather though, I think I've even caught a little tan! For the project we have to use black materials and apply fabric manipulation techniques to them to create a look which will appear in the fashion show at the end of May. I have decided to look at ballet and The Black Swan as inspiration for my piece. At the beginning I had a million ideas for this project and now they seem to have all dried up. I had to stop designing to get ready for work but I feel like I've made a little progress and my ideas have a little more depth to them now. It's still in the very early stages but will share with you guys as soon as I feel like I've had a major breakthrough! I'm really not feeling work tonight but going to power through with the thought of going shopping tomorrow morning, will hopefully have haul photo's to share with you then(:...

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