Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let the sunshine baby...

001 . Rock from Porthcawl - 002 . Chillen on the beach - 003. DIY shorts - 004 . New Primark sandals £2.50! 

Apologise for my absence over the past couple of days; had a few days of spontaneous adventures with my mates to make the most out of the beautiful weather! I went to the beer garden after shopping on Thursday, beach & Nando's on Friday and a BBQ after work yesterday which ended up going on until the very early hours! Will of course make it up to you guys and I have rediscovered a few summery outfits which will be shared with you very soon. For now here are some of my snaps from the beach on Friday, love busting out the shorts I made last summer! Got two old pairs of jeans to re-invent this year too. Hope you all enjoy your Easter Sunday; if you follow me on Twitter you would already know that the easter bunny was kind enough to bring me Adele tickets for later this year, who needs chocolate aye! My Sunday roast is ready now, NOMNOMNOM...


  1. Great post, love the beach pics.
    Now following! Maybe you'll have the time to visit my blog :)


  2. Thanks hun'(: will do!:Dxx


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