Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesday's Trend: East Meets West - Pattern

Today's trend is again coming from the 'East Meets West' influence. This week I have decided to look at how the Eastern patterns have been translated into Western fashion and how to incorporate them into your on personal style...

You could easily introduce this trend into your wardrobe buy investing in any printed or aztec style pieces. Louis Vitton & Commes De Garcons clearly found influence from the Eastern world for there summer collections. The 'mix matched' prints and layers of bound garments complete this look. If you want to wear this trend in a more subtle way think about finding some mix match, ethnic bracelets to channel your inner Pocahontas...

Jewellery from; ASOS, River Island, Topshop & Newlook 

This type of jewellery is everywhere! It is popular now but will probably peak come festival season in the summer. Topshop have a great selection of ethnic/'free love hippie' jewellery in at the moment. A little secret is to check the men's sections; this style of jewellery is always about for the opposite sex, another 'borrowed from the boys' look! If you don't want to spend a lot of money on jewellery you could always make your own. I'm dying to try and make those friendship bracelets that every kid had in the 90's! There are loads of tutorials on-line showing how to braid different designs, so if you chose the right colour threads you could have a very fashionable piece of DIY jewellery to wear all summer! (Expect a tutorial shortly!) Also if you go on any holidays both abroad and to the UK seaside; could provide you with opportunities to buy jewellery that not only is bang on trend but has a personal connection. What do you think of this jewellery trend? I know I can't wait to start my collection...


  1. LOVEEEE these patterns at the moment,ive just made some shorts in an african pattern

    Kate xo

  2. Amazing patterns!
    I love the topshop bracelet :)

  3. Just gorgeous aren't they!(:xx


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