Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuesday's Trend: Hidden Treasures

This week we're moving onto a new trend, 'Hidden Treasures'. To capture this look think of raiding a vintage store and re-working the heirlooms to create edgy new garments! Now I know garment reinvention is big in the blogging world but this trend focuses more on embellishment and detail compared to actually reconstructing the garments. So here is an introduction to this emerging trend:

This trend is all about pastels shades in distressed materials. Vintage lace and embroidered detailing add antique charm to any garment; particularly appliqued tapestry. This all about re-inventing the old, I'm dying to go to the local charity shops and see what 'hidden treasures' they have to offer (but I don't get paid until Thursday, boo!). What do you guys think of this trend so far?


  1. Love this, Im a huge fan of the muted colours x

  2. Glad you like it ladies!:Dxx


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