Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Well I know it's a wonderful world, from the sky down to the sea...

This trend is entitled 'East Meets West'. The idea behind it is the blending of multiple global influences and merging the different cultures to create garments which are the 'best of both worlds'. This post will concentrate solely on the colour palette as I have a lot of information to share with you guys and don't want to cram it all into one post! 

When thinking of the colour palette imagine warm sunsets, dusty deserts and cool blue oasis'. This trend translates best with print but also works well with colour blocking and block stripes. Calm, pastel block coloration is key to giving this trend the updated feel. The trends that I am sharing with are developing trends so they may not be at their peaks yet, however we have seen this trend develop from harem pants and is set to develop further for 2012. I have more information to share with you which will give this trend depth including; materials, surface, textures, styling & key pieces! This post is based closely on the trend report I received from trendstop but I have added my own images (google). I will have more freedom with the other elements, so I can add my own spin to then but I think this is a good start! I love the concept behind this trend and looking forward to seeing how the high street interpret it! Would appreciate your comments about how you feel about this kind of post as it's new one for me and would like to know if you guys like it or not. Thinking of making a 'Tuesday's Trend' feature!(:

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