Saturday, 9 June 2012

fancy dress; diy mermaid

I must admit, I do love a bit of fancy dress! Making an outfit gives me an opportunity to make the most of my crafty skills and to make something a little different! When I was younger I would skip along to the local costume store + easily spend £40+ on an outfit which would be worn only once + probably by a few people at the party, well not any more!! For my sister's 18th fancy dress party last weekend I chose to go as a mermaid (a little random I know!). By being a little creative + making use of my free time, this is what I came up with *drum roll*...

Tah-dah! What do you think? I loved making this costume + being a mermaid for the night!ha.. The whole thing cost me around £20 + a few hours of my time, totally worth it to have a completely unique outfit! The night was pretty much a whirl wind so I've only got these few with my sister (alice in wonderland) + her friend Bethan (mad hatter). I got inspiration from a variety of online images but in particular this makeup tutorial by Traci Hines, amazing! So this is how I set about transforming into a mermaid...

You will need;

Sequin Skirt
Two-tone Organza
White Bandeau Top
French Lavender + Tropical Green Dylon Fabric Dye
Mixed Bag of Pearl + Iridescent Sequins 
Various Sized Flat Back Pearls
Small Starfish
Handful of Shells
Pearl Necklace 
Glue (I used a UHU adhesive)

These little starfish slides were inspired by those in Traci's video. I did feel a bit off-ish about using real starfish but hey-ho! I bought the bag of mixed pearl + iridescent sequins from The Range for £1 and placed them into a Chinese take-away carton for easy storage. I also bought flat back pearls from eBay to decorate them with. I then used glue to stick the embellishment in place! I later used nail glue to attach bobby pins to the back et voila pearl encrusted starfish ready to wear in your mermaid hair!

I bought the bandeau top from eBay but really wouldn't recommend the seller I used. I ordered a cream bralet hoping to just stick on a shell + some pearls + be done, but when it arrived it was a tacky white colour + as I was so busy with uni' work I missed the time to exchange, GRR! Instead of wasting the awful thing I used fabric dyed which I had left over from past projects to rework it. I firstly dyed it all over lilac (to get rid of the white) then used basic tie dying techniques with a more saturated lilac mixture + the green. My idea was that it would look like anemone or sea urchins to keep in with the aquatic theme! I finally decorated it with pearls + iridescent sequins and added a few shells + starfish to the centre.

I followed Traci's tutorial for the make up + loved the way it turned out! Super easy + really effective!

I used my mad eBaying skills to hunt down this skirt; I did the super obvious of typing 'sequin skirt' into the search bar + watching every skirt that caught my eye! I didn't worry about what size they were as I knew I'd be able to adjust it to fit me when it arrived! The one I ended using I won for 99p, bargain! I then bought 2 lots two toned organza from my local fabric store + made the fin by cutting two rectangles with curved edges + sewing it to the bottom of the skirt! I made a make-shift belt out of a pearl necklace that I got from the Topshop sale to add a final mermaidy touch!

So what do you think? I hope I've not made it sound horribly difficult to do (I do ramble a bit!) but it really was super easy! My laptop charger arrived today so expect lots of posts from now on, yay!

PS Do you like my sister's 'Alice in Wonderland' costume, I made this for her too! *bragbragbrag* ahaha


  1. This is amazing! You are so creative.
    I wish I could do something like that! X

    1. aw thank you!(: just need the internet + a bit of spare time!aha x

  2. So amazing, you look gorgeous x

  3. OMG! What an amazing costume! You are so talented.

  4. i just found your blog and i follow you!great blog! could you tell me what color is your hair?

    sophie xx

  5. The costume is gorgeous. Great job!

  6. Awww your costume is fabulous darling and you look super pretty!

    Eda ♥

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  7. This costume is amazing, i love your blog. Can not wait to rad more xx

  8. I love this! Great job, well done!
    I have a Peter Pan party coming up and my little niece has designated me Mermaid.
    You've given me some great inspiration. Thanks.
    Claudia x

  9. You are really so creative! I love the costume. I am planning on making some little mermaid costumes for teenagers for their Halloween party! This is a really nice inspiration.

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