Sunday, 24 June 2012

sunday post #015

earls court; gfw show ticket; corona extra; vino time; nando's; butterfly chicken, spicy rice + coleslaw; pub grub; ipad instagramming; candle lit bubble bath; addicted to müller corners; arm candy; pink crash out attire; off to the puppy parlour; ombré nails; work uniform.

Going to keep tonight's post short + sweet as my wifi is on the blink + want to post while I can, technology hates me!ha.. I've had a pretty quiet weekend especially seeing as it's payday weekend. Times are hard + I've got saving to do, boo! I'm surely allowed to treat myself a little with my hard earned dollar so have booked a brow shape + hopefully a hair cut for in the week. I've been thinking about getting my hair cut up a little. I really dislike how my layers + feathering are growing out so thinking of opting for a long, blunt bob to give my hair a bit of shape + thickness. Maybe something between Fearne Cotton + Olivia Palermo, hair crushes forever! Not liking the thought of cutting away many, many months of patient growing though, oh so indecisive! Any advice ladies?


  1. the strawberry shortcake muller corner is my fave lol :)



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