Sunday, 10 June 2012

sunday post #014

train ride to london; beverages for the train; where we stayed the night, radisson on bloomsbury street; hangover breakfast; jubilee decorations; squashed krispy kreme aww; covent gardens; topshop; tube hopping; london eye; the shard; best thing about mornings; wardrobe issues; shoe collection; again; birthday cupcakes; macbook lives again; movie night; glamour x benefit; last nights face pre alcohol; addicted to false lashes

This week has gone super fast! Might have something to do with the crazy, long bank holiday weekend but hey, I'm certainly not complaining! I had a lovely time in London last weekend with David. When I booked it back in March I didn't click that it would be the Jubilee weekend, busy was not the word! We was stupidly tired from my sister's birthday celebrations but still made sure we made the most of our time there! I absolutely love being in London so pretty excited to be going back up on Tuesday to check out Graduate Fashion Week. We travelled by train last weekend so the thought of spending 8 hours on a bus Tuesday is making me die a little inside! Forever being a part timer, my uni' friends + I are planning on checking out the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum in the afternoon, #shoegasm! Should be a pretty good day + after all it'll be me showcasing at GFW next year! Arghhh, scary thought!!

I'm feeling a little fragile today after one too many glasses of wine in town last night (or it might of been the shots.. or the cider blurgh). After a lot of holiday talk + making summer plans it's official that I need to get myself another job or more shifts! I was sure I was going to win the euro millions Friday too, daaamn!ha..

Now that my new laptop charger has arrived I can finally start posting regularly again, missed being part of the blogging community these past couple of weeks! I'm feeling slightly out of the loop so please link me your blogs or your favourites so I have something to read on my long bus journey ha(:


  1. Those cakes look amazing! Hope your bus journey isn't too boring/tiring.. I hate bus journeys!

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  2. Lovely post darling, the cupcakes look scrumptious. Sounds like you had fun over the Bank Holiday. I want to check the Christian Louboutin exhibition out so badly...shoe heaven!!

    Eda ♥

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  3. These pictures look great, it looks like you had a lovely week! I really want to see the Louboutin exhibition and that Ball Gowns exhibit at the V&A, they're on my to-do list! xx

  4. Amazing photos, you look beautiful in the second last photo!

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  5. Those cupcakes look amazing :-), oooh I'm craving white chocolate now lol


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