Monday, 18 June 2012

want; pretty pink

floral print bralet H&M £19.99; cookie long locked purse MULBERRY £210; hamsa cord bracelets DOROTHY PERKINS £4; all that glitters eye shadow MAC £10;  blush by 3 in lace SLEEK MAKE UP £10

001. I've been avoiding the high street lately due to a grim looking bank balance + the need to book a holiday, but being pay day Friday I think my efforts might go to waste! Love the colours in this bralet. Would look perfect worn with anything high waisted from skinny jeans to peplum skirts!

002. Aah Mulberry sale, the time where the tempting becomes very, very tempting! If anyone is feeling generous holla at a sister, I'll take the matching bag too!

003. I'm loving the religious/ethnic influence on high street jewellery at the moment, the hamsa symbol is definitely one of my favourites, need this cute little set!

004. I've never really been one for daytime eye shadow but lately I have made an effort to try and master the neutral look. I've been tempted to start my own MAC pro palette for a while, I think 'All That Glitters' may be the first pan of my collection!

005. Heard so much about this sleek palette! My current go to blush is the Topshop Blush in Powdered, although I'm still loving this Barbie pink blush I need a toned down shade to add to my make up bag + think this trio may be the answer! Any of you tried it?


  1. Ohh I love everything, especially the bralet and blusher! Reminds me sooo much of summer x

  2. there isn't one thing there I'm not in love with. =( Buy 2 of everything please? ;)

  3. I love the Mulberry purse. Would love to own it one day. The Sleek Lace blush is such a nice palette. x

  4. Ah I would love to be able to buy that Mulberry purse but my student balance doesn't allow for it! Lovely blog, glad I stumbled on to it as I've been browsing it all evening! May I ask how do you get your date and post title centered in the middle? xx

  5. Omg want the set! It's way to adorable to leave it alone!!



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