Sunday, 15 January 2012


Not done my usual Sunday catch up post today as this whole past week was spent getting my uni' work ready for hand in. It's such a relief to have it all finished + out of my life! Plus to make things even better I have a lovely two weeks with out a scrap of work to do, woo! Being so busy I haven't any chance to go shopping + blow my Christmas overtime or I've not even had much of a chance to check out the new spring summer lines coming in online. So when in work on Saturday being largely hungover + completely stress free, I had a good old nose + must say I want so much!

As you can probably tell from this little selection of clothing I'm really into my blacks + monochromes at the moment! They're so easy to wear yet look really striking! I know a lot of bright prints + pastels are set to be big for summer but I'm just not ready to put away my winter wardrobe just yet!

So why I chose the above.. I'm in desperate need of some new jewellery as I seem to have misplaced some of my favourites, boo! These little silver cross earrings are perfect, need them! I've been looking for a black blazer for a while but seen this striped one in work + I must say it's amazing! At the moment I don't own a pair of black jeans + these high waisted ones would be super flattering. They're only £30 too, total bargain! I love this little black + white print shirt; it's so cute + love the little neck tie! I was hoping to treat myself to this handbag today but decided on a lazy day instead. It's the perfect size bag to take on casual nights out + I really do like the quality on RI bags. I decided that I want to play around with my hair a little more + this hair tie is the perfect way to dress up an all black outfit. I'm a little unsure on the cheetah top, I like that it's different but not sure whether it's nice or tacky? It keeps catching my eye so may have to try/buy just to put my mind at rest!

Tomorrow I'm off to London for my Christmas present off the boyfriend! We're going to see Chicago at the West End then spend the night at the W Hotel! I'm sooo excited! Probably won't get chance to blog again now until Wednedsay but after then I'm going to get on top form with the regular posting! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Think I want all of that too, loving that style at the moment also! Enjoy London!


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