Monday, 23 January 2012


M&M's world in London - The boyfriend + I - M&M's again - Bowling Snaps - Learning to cook - Lush bath time - Temple running - Why I have not posted this week, grr!

I'm really shocked at how little I've blogged this month, for something I really enjoy doing I need to start making more time! It's not completely my fault though as I'm possibly the unluckiest person ever + anything that could go wrong usually does! I took a load of photographs in the week for upcoming blog post, then my SD card reader of course died! I literally can not win! They're only cheap little devices so I've ordered another + it should arrive any day now, still so annoying!

This selection of photographs from this week is rather random + quite boring seeing as I've had quite a fun week! Maybe I should stop having so much fun + take more pictures!ha.. Me + my friends wanted to have a catch up this Friday but as half of us are skint students + the other half have joined some sort of slimming club, a night out was off the cards, boo! We instead decided that we would be beyond cool and go 10 pin bowling on a Friday night! Lame or not I had such a funny night + I can now probably admit that I am the worst bowler in existence! I'm yet to find a game/sport that I don't suck at!

I'm off university for another week while our work is being assessed so hoping that this one is more productive than the last! My bedroom is in dire need of a sort out, my hair is desperate for a trim + my blog layout needs shaking up! I must not let Temple Run get in the way of my productive days, I need to beat my boyfriends score of 2 million!! Always so close yet so far away!

PS this was supposed to post yesterday but for some reason didn't, I repel technology!

PPS I will be modifying my blog over the next couple of days so my apologise if it's a right old mess!


  1. i love M&M's so much ! its a sickness

  2. Thanks for sharing your snaps lovely, you look super pretty.

    Eda ♥

  3. M&M World, I need to go! Another thing added to my 30 by 30 list :) x

  4. M&M World is crazy but I don't like milk chocolate so it was kind of wasted on me!ha, defo' worth a visit though(: xo


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