Sunday, 8 January 2012


Glitter nail varnish collection - Healthy eating begins - Lush pudding bath bomb - Terry's Chocolate Orange + 9O21O boxset - Drake Tickets ♥ - So-Co lime + lemonade - My new coat - Current favourite nails

Random selection of photographs taken this week with a little help from everyone's favourite Instagram! It's been a rather quiet week with my deadline creeping up an' all but not a bad one. My project which I've been working on since September is due to be handed in Friday afternoon so only have a few days left to get it all up to scratch. I'm currently hating everything I'm doing so can't wait until it's done + dusted + out of the way! My uni' friends + I have a night out planned for Friday to celebrate so cannot wait to blow off some steam!

After a month of stuffing myself with anything I could get my hands on, I've attempted to get back into a healthy eating diet this week. Tried + failed that is! I seem to be okay through the day but as soon as evening comes + I snuggle in front of the tv, I reach for the chocie! Need more will power! There's something about January that makes you want to completely re-invent yourself + I am certainly feeling the urge! My 9O21O boxset certainly isn't helping much either! Watching the super tanned, toned + beautiful girls after eating an unhealthy amount of Toblerone is rather depressing! If they aren't inspiration to put down the junk food + get to the gym I don't know what is!!

I picked up some late sale buys today when I popped to the shops with my mum. I got two coats for £24, TWENTY FOUR POUNDS! Literally couldn't believe it, will hopefully share all my sale buys with you some time this week(: Oh and thanks to those who left comments on my Benefit post, still deciding on what to treat myself to but your recommendations help greatly! Now to get my hands on one of those cans of Diet Coke!

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  1. You look gorgeous In your coat, I know what you mean about the chocolate I can't stop this week :) lol


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