Friday, 6 January 2012


January is such an awkward month in my eyes! I'm still feeling the pinch from Christmas yet have resolutions to get myself looking on top form which of course equals spending money! I was flicking through my More magazine yesterday + this little offer caught my eye so couldn't help but to share it with you guys! Diet coke have partnered up with benefit to release these limited edition 'Get Glam' packs.. 

Each pack comes a promotional code which allows you to redeem £5 when you spend £20 online with benefit! I am yet to purchase anything from benefit but being a total Diet Coke addict this offer is certainly tempting me! Each can is inspired by a Spring make up trend; the romantic, the fashionista + the rock chick, love it! I had to have a cheeky look on their website to see what I could spend my money on + lots of things caught my eye.. 

The prices on these products do put me off quite a bit but surely all the rave reviews justify the price tags? I have quite bad dark circle so really tempted by the Erase Paste/Confessions of a Concealaholic Set! I have only heard good things about the powders above too but so hard to decide between them! What are your favourite products + what would you guys recommend? Will you be taking advantage of this little offer? Let me know(:


  1. Ahhh the cans look pretty cool! I havn't bought anything from the benefit brand either, I'm sure it won't be long though!

  2. I am an absolute Benefit freak! It's pretty much the only brand in my makeup bag right now, their products are just amazing :) I agree with your choices above though, Erase Paste is incredible, and so are all the powder boxes you've chosen. I'd recommend them all, but Dallas is also gorgeous :) It looks dark, and quite scary in the box, but when applied in the right amounts it's so nice, I wear it everyday without fail!

    If you need any more information on Benefit makeup I've got loads of posts on their products if you have a little look..

    P.S. Thanks for letting me know of the offer, guess who's off to buy a diet coke haha! :)

    Love Hannah xxx

  3. You seriously are missing out if you haven't bought anything from Benefit! Their stuff is incredible, it actually WORKS. Erase paste is incredible to conceal bags and spots etc so i'd definitely recommend that. Hoola is my fave bronzer, Lemonaid is a great base for eyeshadow, but there's so many new products out lately so just go crazy!!


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