Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I feel a little uninspired by my clothes lately. I seem to be shopping & spending money all the time but my wardrobe is seriously not up to standard! Due to my recent holiday I haven't really bought many wintery clothes (which I'm now regretting as it's got really cold really, really quick!) & my plain summer threads are still taking up the majority of the room in my cupboards. I'm also a major impulse shopper which does my bank balance no favours! I spend money on clothes that I'll wear once or twice then decide that I don't like that look anymore, not financially friendly at all! So this is my pledge to sort out my act, albeit a few months late..

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I Charlotte, will start by ruthlessly sorting out my wardrobe in to various piles, recycle/attic/bin/keep/eBay, which will make room for my new organised, stylish clothes which I will put a lot of thought into before buying; do I really need it? will it go with my current style? etc etc etc. I pinky promise not to lose my bargain hunting ways but some more expensive investment pieces may have to be purchased to maintain the look. I will break down my new dream look into blog posts so that you can help me decide what is good & not so good, virtual shopping buddies! I will share my new purchases with you hopefully in outfit post style. Finally I will try not to get into a style rut again, it sucks):

Wish me luck ladies...

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