Monday, 3 October 2011


I'm back! Been MIA this past week as I've been on holiday in Greece! A farewell post was supposed to go up last week but somehow it didn't post, typical! Anyway I thought I'd share a few photo's with you of my past week spent in the gorgeous sunshine (although my bad luck struck again & looks as if you've had just as nice weather back here in the UK, again TYPICAL!)..
001. Our private pool, so close to the sea! - 002. Fierce cocktails & bingo - 003. My boyfriend & I - 004. The pool at night - 005. Wine in the hut - 006. Making waves on the way to Turkey

The week was perfect. Sunbathing & relaxing by day and making the most of the all-inclusive alcohol & entertainment by night. My boyfriend & I enjoyed massages at the spa, a shopping trip to Turkey & trips into Kos town by the pretty harbour. It's nice sometimes to just get away from it all; I was surprised how easily I left my iPhone in the hotel safe all week without withdrawal symptoms for twitter or facebook, need to kick my social network addiction! Most importantly I'm so proud of my natural tan which looks even darker now I'm home, sign of a successful holiday! Shame it'll probably disappear by next week, wah!

Of course my black cloud of bad luck followed me all the way to Greece as our flight home was delayed by 19 hours, total nightmare!! This is the first time I've ever had a flight delayed & to be fair it was handled by the company well but resulted in a sleep deprived night spent in a less than luxurious hotel & arriving home a day later than expected. All fun & games ha! 

On the day trip to Turkey I bought some gorgeous jewellery which I'll share with you as soon as but for now it's back to reality. I have university tomorrow & after missing the first week of work I expect to have a bit of catching up to do. Someone please take me back to Greece?...


  1. Oh wow, that place looks so gorgeous! Look at the pool! It looks so luxurious and glam, hope you had an amazing holiday. I hate that feeling of returning home after a great holiday, particularly landing at the airport back in boring old England! Haha!

    Lucy xxx

  2. Lovely photographs, thank you for sharing darling. I arrived back from 2 weeks in Turkey last week to find a bomb of work had been dropped on my desk arrrghh, get me back to the airport to board that plane outta here!
    Where abouts in Turkey did you go for the day?
    Good luck with uni work hun

    Eda ♥


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