Friday, 7 October 2011


Newlook Black Patent Loafers - £15.00, £11.99 (20% student discount at the moment!)

After an embarrassing episode where my flip flops broke whilst walking through Newport town after uni' yesterday, I decided that it's time to pack away my beloved summer footwear! I couldn't believe that these were just £15 full priced so with my student discount on top they were a total bargain. I don't normally go for black flats as they just remind me of fugly school shoes but it seems that I'll just have to get over it!

Although they look good for the price, I think I may have found out why they are so cheap. I wore these to university today & my feet are in bits! Maybe breaking them in on a day where I'd be on my feet for 9 hours wasn't the best of ideas! I'm hoping they soften up pretty quickly as they look amazing with leggings, sheer shirts & my leather jacket. These are my first instalment to my winter footwear collection. I'm hoping to take advantage of Topshop's 20% student discount this weekend & treat myself to some Allegra's, yay! What are your winter footwear essentials?...

PS Sorry for the inconsistent blogging this week! With it being my first week back at uni' & straight after my holidays, I'm a bit up in the air. I have loads of posts in mind but by the time I get home from university it's too dark to take photographs & I'm, for lack of a better word, pooped!


  1. These look lovely! I've been looking for a pair of affordable loafers for ages :) x

  2. patent black <3
    love these shoes!

  3. I love them too, they just hurt so much!aha x


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