Thursday, 27 October 2011


I manage to leave my Halloween costume until last minute every year resulting in something thrown together on the night! I don't see the appeal of buying a costume costing £30+ when you can make something half decent yourself with a couple of quid! My two idea's this year for my two planned nights out are pretty simple & unoriginal but will do...

001. The Devil - Pretty simple & easy! The horns & pitchfork can be picked up in any fancy dress stores or maybe even supermarkets for £3-£5 a set. I bought this dress from eBay for just £6.99, total bargain! Worn together with a bit of red lipstick, big hair & killer heels would complete the sexy devil look! 

002. Witches Cat - Again another female costume stereotype but we are on a deadline & budget here! I dressed as a cat/leopard last year for my staff night out, I may wear this again or I could go for the version above which would also work out pretty cost effective! A pair of high-waisted leather look leggings, which can be bought dirt cheap at stores such as H&M, paired with a black top & some feline accessories, done!

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  1. the 2nd outfit is definitly my favourite honey!

    Have a fab halloween sweetie.

    Eda ♥


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