Monday, 15 August 2011


Yet again empty promises of the outfit post, sorry! I always give myself plenty of time to get ready yet I always end up rushing! Any thing that could of gone wrong in preparation for the night went wrong; tan, alcohol, dress, hair, make up, you name it I had trouble with it! It didn't stop me from having the usual crazy & messy night though! I only really go out once a fortnight so a lot of steam is released when we hit the big smoke! Love my friends!

I'm in yet another rut with my hair; after looking at Saturday night photo's I think it's time my trusty extensions were laid to rest! I love having long hair on nights out but I think a shorter, volumised look is overdue; I'm literally in love with Morven's new hair from Cats and Rocking Chairs, hair crush! I mentioned about maybe going darker a few weeks ago but delaying this until I return from my holidays as the sun & sea will just return it back to its blonde state. 

I've spend the past two days on my sofa feeling sorry for myself as my crazy dance moves & drunken antics have resulted in a back injury! It hurts so much but that'll teach me aye! Going to continue with my DIY's this week & hope to have one to share with you tomorrow, hope you've all had a good weekend too...

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