Monday, 8 August 2011


Taken sneakily out of the plane window on the way to Egypt last year.

This morning my boyfriend & I booked a holiday for the end of September! One week, all inclusive on the sunny isle of Greece, yes please! Being the typical girl that I am, my mind has immediately started to ponder over clothes & outfits. I already have a tower of shorts so going to try & not buy that much summery clothes as when we come back it'll be October & probably arctic weather here! Instead I'm going to try & be thrifty & DIY as many clothes as I can. I'm thinking lace trimmed shorts & side split skirts a la A Pair & A Spare! I'm stupidly excited already! It's nice to have things to look forward to. I've spent the last few months being short on cash & things to do and it isn't fun! Now I have nights out, a spa day, my birthday, an Adele concert, starting back to uni' & a holiday to look forward to! Happy, happy, happy...

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  1. oooh lovely! Me and my friends are looking for a last minute holiday but it's not bloody easy! hehe xx


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