Tuesday, 9 August 2011


So the first of my holiday DIY's is a pair of denim lace trim short that I made yesterday inspired by this picture. They were so easy to make & took me no time at all! I made them slightly longer than the inspiration image as I don't think I could pull off a bum cheek bearing pair! This is how I made them...

To start off with you will need;

  • An old pair of jeans - I used an old pair of Newlook skinny jeans. I think an indigo colour work best as the dark denim contrasts with the white cotton lace. 
  • 1.5/2m of lace trim - I bought this from a local fabric store, it was just 80p a metre! 
  • Scissors. 
  • Navy & white cotton. 
  • Pins. 
  • Chalk. 
  • Sewing machine

Firstly I tried on the jeans and marked them with the chalk to the length I wanted. I added an additional length of around 2cm so I could turn them up. I then simply cut along the line I marked so they looked like this...

Once I cut them I tried them on again and turn the hem up so that the shorts were the length that I wanted. When I was happy I pinned the hem in place, like so...

I then used the sewing machine & the navy cotton to sew the hems up. I sewed all around the leg 1cm in, I turned the shorts inside out to make this easier. Once finished I trimmed the excess material so it was nice & neat (I'm a bit of a perfectionist!)...

Now for the lace! You can do this one of two ways; lace in or out. As demonstrated in these images...

I thought that with my particular lace & shorts the outer style looked better so pinned it in place ready to be sewn. Again I turned them inside out and carefully stitched them in place with the white cotton. If I chose the other method I would use the navy cotton so it would have looked nice & neat. Once both legs have been sewn, you're finished...

I'm really happy with how they've turned out! So simple & only cost me £1.60 to make! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to wear them yet. Do you guys have any suggestions? Today I'm going to create a sheer maxi skirt & make more jeans into shorts, I think I have the DIY bug...


  1. I love them! I wish I had a sewing machine again I got rid of mine and now I so regret it xxx

  2. Thank you!

    swedish bohemian gal who just started blogging. Join me :)

  3. That's amazing! They look great and I can't get over how cheap they are to make too! Brilliant way to re-vamp up your wardrobe I reckon. Well done. :)


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