Friday, 26 August 2011


We're probably going to see millions of these Models Own posts over the next few weeks because of the 50% off sale but I don't mind cos they're just so prettyyy! I received my little parcel this morning & was quite shocked as I only ordered it Tuesday (Good service MO!)! I ordered 7 nail varnishes in all (I needed cheering up after loosing my favourite Blooboo, excuses excuses) & a few make-up brushes. They sent me the wrong brushes so will feature them in a separate post when it's all sorted (they've mailed me already arranging a replacement so can't fault them to be fair!). So here are the beauties that I treated myself too..

Juicy Jules - I am a human magpie; I seen this colour & literally squealed 'oooh pretty!'! Man is it sparkly! Done a little tester & after three coats it's amazing! I would only wear this colour on false nails though as I can see it being an absolute nightmare to remove!

Fuzzy Peach - Such a dreamy colour! I'm a pastel, girly girl when it comes to nails & this colour is just perfect! This peach
 is a close second to my utter favourite colour..

Blooboo  - Can't big this colour up enough! It's eye catching, yet subtle, cool but girly; my favourite nail colour ever. It has a slight shimmer to it which my old bottle didn't but this makes me love it even more. Blooboo FTW!

Lilac Dream - Again another awesome colour. I think that pastel shades look amazing with a tan & this will defo' be one of my holiday shades. Love, love, love!

Bubblegum - I got quite excited when I seen this colour. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as pink as this! A really fun colour that I'm sure to get my wear out of!

Top Turquoise - I must say this is this biggest let down for me out of all the colours I ordered. It's a lot darker than I imagined & will take some time to grow on me, like I said I'm a pastel gal! I feel like it kind of washes out my skin, maybe more of a winter shade.

Purple Passion - I've been eyeing up this colour in work & I must say I love it! It's a little darker than I'm used to but will look amazing on a night out!

Overall the first four polishes mentioned are my favourites! At £2.50 a pop you can't really complain, although I wish I went into boots to see the colours first hand. I probably wouldn't of bought the Top Turquoise & would of went for maybe a lighter shade! Oh well my birthday is coming up & after seeing my excitement at getting the Models Own parcel this morning I think my folks know what to get to keep me happy! Did you guys snap up any bargains in the sale?...

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  1. I absoloutly love these colours lovely!

    Eda ♥


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