Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I love the whole bright bottoms, neutral top look at the moment. I think Nicola Roberts rocks this look with big hair & 80's accessories! I know we're starting the transition into our AW wardrobes but I'm not quite ready to leave go of summer brights just yet! Especially with having a holiday to look forward to, all I seem to be doing is gazing at colourful summer clothes! The pink 'Super Skinny' jeans fit like a dream; I've been eyeing up the mustard pair we have in store, ready for pay day! At £40 they're not the cheapest coloured jeans but they fit so well & are such a gorgeous colour! The pink tapered leg trousers on the other hand are only £20, bargain! They're made from a cotton jersey material so would be perfect to wear on the plane, smart yet super comfy! What do you guys think? Are you already in you Autumn shades or hanging on to the pop brights of summer?... 

PS I apologise in advance for me rambling on about my holiday; I don't go for another 5 weeks but expect you'll hear about it in every post as I'm just so excited! 

PPS I haven't forgotten about my promised DIY, it's nearly finished!

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