Sunday, 10 February 2013

sunday post #026

 hungover shopping trip attire; shoe porn; refuelling; eyelure love; plan b gig; buttons in cloth house; laura + i; glitter overload; just me + my jug.

It's been a weird, long old week filled with ups + unfortunately some downs. Monday night, my boyfriend + I attended our first concert of 2013! We went to see Plan B in the Motor Point Arena in Cardiff! I wasn't too fussed on the newer, grimey stuff but rekindled my love for his Strickland Banks album, so many good songs! Our fave Labrinth was also supporting so all in all we had a really good night. Wednesday I was back up in London on yet another unsuccessful fabric shopping trip. It was a right miserable day; Megabus problems + bitter weather, make a grumpy Charlotte!

I finally got to spend some time with my friends Friday. We all got dolled up + attended the Tiger Tiger Jewel bar launch, sore heads all around Saturday! Seeing has I had a rare weekend off work; it couldn't be spent feeling sorry for myself so my boyfriend + I ventured to the shops where I picked up some bargains + a vanilla cooler, saviour! I've not got a lot planned for this week except a family meal + lots of uni work! No plans for Valentine's Day as of yet but hopefully we will be spending the weekend in Birmingham which will be worth waiting for.


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