Monday, 4 February 2013

lush snow fairy shower gel

LUSH 500g limited edition snow fairy shower gel £14.50 £5.13

I know this isn't available at the moment but I think it certainly deserves a review regardless! I can't think of anyone who doesn't like love this product! For starters I'm loving the packaging; it's much quirkier than previous bottles which fits in with the brand perfectly! Though I like the make over; I am thankful that it's still the same gorgeous pink, iridescent goodness inside yay!

This scent of this shower gel is just beautiful! When I run out + have to wait until the festive season comes about again to repurchase, I struggle to a replacement that smells quite as amazing! A super sweet, fruity mixture of bubblegum, candy floss + pear drops fill the whole upstairs of my house when I shower! I use a shower puff + a good squirt of Snow Fairy and it creates sooo much lather! The little flecks of blue glitter don't transfer onto skin which is another thumbs up from me. It leaves my skin feeling so soft + I love the occasional, random whiff's you get throughout the day! This will forever be my favourite shower gel as there isn't one thing I can fault about it!


  1. I never used to like the smell of Snow Fairy but I've always been bought it as a present over the past couple of years so I've gradually come to like it! I have a mini one I keep at the boyfriends :)

  2. I bought a big bottle at Christmas and I love it, smells amazing!xx


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