Monday, 18 February 2013

soap & glory hand food hand cream

I don't know why, but recently my hands have been so dry! They're not noticeably dry but they just feel so horrible. Seeing as my university course is so hands on I decided that I really should start to look after them a little bit more! I've mentioned before the reason I struggle to keep up a moisturising routine is because my biggest peeve is waiting around for cream to aborb into my skin. Yet again Soap & Glory have created a formula which sinks in fast + leaves skin feeling silky smooth without being greasy, yay!

This is one of Soap & Glory's cult super products which everyone seems to love, and with good reason! As well as having cute packaging, it actually works. It does have a fairly strong, sweet Soap-&-Glory-scent to it which may not be the best if you have sensitive skin but I have no trouble with my hands + like the smell so that doesn't bother me. This larger tube lives on my bedside table + I usually apply before bed, after doing my nails or whenever my hands need a pick me up! I'm going to treat myself to the travel sized tube (along with the hand maid anti-bac' gel) this weekend to keep in my handbag as although it does a great job of hydrating my skin it sadly doesn't last all day. However for a fiver, it really is a great hand cream!


  1. Love Hand Food - it's the only hand cream I'll use

    1. it's so good given the cheap price tag(: x


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