Sunday, 3 February 2013

sunday post #025

lush golden wonder bath time; bleached hair + spiked necklace; tasty cupcake; gorgeous zoe hardman; graze snacks; mk love; manicure time; spending some time with my babe mr gosling; jewelled collar.
I think I've come to the decision that if I want my hair to grow (which I really, really, reeeally want to happen!) I think I'm going to have to get rid of my bleached ends boo! I also think it's time to move on from the dip-dye look as everyoneee seems to have it as of late! Last night when I was watching 'Take Me Out; The Gossip' (I'm a wild one I know!) I came to the conclusion that I need Zoe Hardman's hair! However, looking at it lined up next to my current colour it might be a bigger change than I thought, wah! I'm such a baby; to go for it or not hmmm...


  1. WOAHWOAHWOAAAAHHHH! The lush bath looks absoutely amazing! xo

  2. go for it! such a lovely colour! x


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