Wednesday, 29 August 2012

what i'm taking to mexico


literature- JOJO MOYES me before you; COMPANY MAGAZINE september issue.

eye wear- EBAY black frame half tints £6.32; TOPSHOP VIA EBAY mint gradient cat eye 99p; EBAY gold frame large round glasses £6.30.
(link overload!)

This time tomorrow I'll be on the plane getting closer + closer to the beautiful, blue Caribbean sea, ahhhh! This holiday has completely snuck up on me, I don't know where these past couple of weeks have gone! I've been a total anxious mess these past couple of days; not only am I trying to organise everything for holidays but it's my birthday + I start back to uni' not long after I get home, STRESS CENTRAL! 

I've tried to be good when it comes to buying clothes for holidays as I won't really be able to wear much of it when I get back. On the other hand I've gone completely cosmetic crazy! Not only have I bought all new make up + haircare (it's all from Boots/Superdrug so I suppose it's not all that bad!), but I've also treated myself to a few salon treatments too, ooh the guilt! This will be my last post until I return so I'll see you all in a fortnight! Leaving rainy Wales for hurricane central, aka the Gulf of Mexico, typical!aha.


  1. Oooh I hope you have an amazing holiday:D xx

  2. I love the shades of nail polish you've chosen! I'm still try try that BB cream! xo

  3. mexicooo ! so great, hope you have great time and you're such a good packer ! x

  4. Loving all of those shades darling - have an amazing holiday!!

    Eda ♥

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  5. the bb cream is great for on holiday, i used it in greece and its so much nicer than a founddation in the heat.
    hope you're having a lovely time in mexico.
    hope you'll come and say hi when you get home, it'd be lovely to chat.
    your newest follower, laura xx

  6. your blog is so amazing :) follow me back if you want to?


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