Thursday, 16 August 2012

want; sequins + pearls

001. With my 21st birthday looming I'm on the hunt for the perfect night out dress! Ideally I want something major sparkly which will look amazing with my Mexican tan. I love this little Topshop number but slightly out of my price range seeing as I'm having two nights out, *sighhh*.

002. Love these cute sunnies! I'm quite concious of how glasses look on my face so a little iffy about ordering without trying them on.

003. I've been using the Collection Shimmer Shades palette in Way-To-Glow as a highlighter recently but one of the little squares cracked on the weekend, ruining it): I think I'm now ready to try a high-end product + this Nars highlighter seems to have rave reviews!

004. Embellished collars add a touch of glam to any outfit! This one is a little on the pricey side but inspiring, feel a DIY coming on!

005. I've been lusting after a Michael Kors watch for forever, this one is gorgeous + the colours are so different, NEEEEED!


  1. That dress is actually amazing! It would look lovely at christmas time!:)xx

  2. I just love sequins, pearls and anything embellished - love your choices above lovely. I think I feel a DIY coming on too!

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  3. those sunglasses are laaaavly xx


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