Wednesday, 26 September 2012

back to reality

early wake up calls; airport beverages; bye bye wales; 747; the reason why I didn't want to leave; missed morning cuddle with my maddie; molfest nearly all set up; party invitations; festival party time; birthday cards; birthday cupcakes; spoilt girly; nearly my birthday dress; my models own collection; collars + knits; forgetting to take your luggage ticket off your bag; two for tuesday; best type of delivery; perfect dress imperfect fit; birthday meal round two; champagne please.

There's no denying it anymore; I'm back to rainy Wales after the best holiday of my life, back to earth with a bang after my week long 21st birthday celebrations + back to reality as a third year in University! My tan is fading, university stress is already peaking but I'm filled with ambition that I seemed to have lost over the last year. I met some amazing people on holidays who I think have helped me rediscover my lost drive. I only have a year left before I am released into the 'real world' and I feel far from prepared! It's really frightening, maybe in a good way?

I think I'll write separate catch up posts on my holiday + birthday celebrations as this post could become stupidly long if I was to share my highlights! I was going to record a birthday presents + duty free haul today but the constant go-go-go of the last couple of weeks and the sudden arrival of winter in Britain has resulted in me now suffering with a horrible cold): With a sore throat + general bunged-up-ness I don't sound too great so hoping to sort something out by the end of the week. I'm quite excited to invest more time into writing on here + would like to thanks everyone for sticking with me whilst I took my extra long holiday! Onwards and upwards from now on(:

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  1. lovely pictures ! looks like you had a great time ! x


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