Sunday, 29 July 2012

sunday post #018

 camo jacket; mexican super chef; vintage shirt; chopstix; sunshine + strawberries; corona; blue skies; wild nap hair; bath time treats; polka dot ice cream; carousel; cardiff bay; my gals; pampering time; sunshine diet; ordering wine via an ipad at la tour hotel #swank; bullring; dream dress; what i did this weekend; sunday's are costa cooler days; i will be here in 32 days time eeek!

I've been enjoying my weekends so much lately, week days too actually since we've been blessed with a bit of sunshine! This weekend the boyfriend whisked me away to Birmingham! We stayed the night at Hotel La Tour in a superior room, an amazing hotel if you fancy treating yourself! The comfiest bed I've ever stayed in, delicious food, a TV in the bath, waterfall shower + an iPad as a wine list at dinner! A paper menu clearly didn't make the cut!

I spent this morning at Bullring shopping centre; ogling dresses at All Saints + picking up some bargains at H&M. We cut our shopping trip short as we were both suffering with champagne induced hangovers so my bank card didn't quite take the beating I was expecting, phew! I have treated myself to a fair few bits already over the past couple of weeks. I've been debating filming a 'July Buys' video, I've been watching far too many youtubers this week + feeling the urge to give it a go! We'll see!

Ooh rather exciting, my boyfriend + I have booked to go to Mexico in 4 weeks time! So so so so excited! Bikini diet starts tomorrow, spin lessons booked, just need to sort my wardrobe so I can making a list of things I need! We're staying at the Sensatori in Riviera Maya + our hotel is just 30 minutes from Cancun; anyone been that could recommend any activities/excursions? Would love to know!


  1. So jealous of your camo jacket, and I LOVE the All Saints dress! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Birmingham, and Mexico sounds like it will be fab too!

    1. I got it off eBay such a bargain compared to certain high street stores! I know, they're amazing just sooo pricey! I really did enjoy it, nice to get away sometimes(: I can't wait!ha, thanks for the comment(: xx

  2. Costa Loveee! My favourite :) x


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