Sunday, 8 July 2012

sunday post #016

hair re-vamp; bleach; new blonder ombré; kate nash; gig outfit; gig; take away; band wagon; arm bling; sister + oliver; strawberries + cream frap'; doing mad tings; costa catch up; best cereal; sale delivery!

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind! Unfortunately not in the exciting, swept of your feet kind of way but busy, busy, busy! I've been working non-stop due to the summer sale in work. I've got to say it, people go craaaaazy trying to grab a River Island bargain. I witnessed fully grown women sprinting down the store at 8am to grab arms full of shoes + handbags, it was honestly quite frightening! Though I have to admit if I wasn't being forced to work, I'd probably be queueing outside from the early am to grab 50% off wristbands too! I did treat myself to a few bargains during my lunch breaks + also made the most of being up at 6am by placing an early morning order online, happy bunny! Will share what I bought in the week!

I've had a really quiet weekend after a rather exhausting week. Last weekend though was a total different story! I've mentioned before that my cousin Fern drums for Kate Nash *name drop*! I know she's not exactly main stream any more (something she's probably proud of!) but I've always been a major fan! Kate's tour landed in Cardiff last Saturday so we filled a mini bus + headed into the city centre. I had such a good night! We was all totally wasted and there are rather large holes in what I remember of the night but you seriously can't beat live music, beer + good company!

Oh, I've also re-ombréd my hair; I've taken the blonde a lot higher + dyed my roots a lighter colour too! I've also had a fair bit taken off the length so now I've got a bit of a mid-length blunt cut which you can kind of see in the picture of me pulling a face!ha.. It feels so much thicker + healthier so pretty happy with it! Some days I love my ombré + others I'm a little tired of it, I'm unsure of whether to go darker or more blonde so will stay in the middle until I make up my mind!

I've not really got a lot planned for this week. My extra shifts are slowly thinning out leaving me with more time on my hands. I received my uni' results last week + passed my second year (woooooo!) + am now awaiting my summer project ready for my final year. SCARYY!! I'm more than ready to get the creative juices flowing again now though, I've started using pinterest to find some time consuming DIY ideas! Any suggestions?

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