Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tuesday's Trend: Hidden Treasures - Details

This week I've decided to carry on with the 'Hidden Treasures' trend and expand on it in a little more detail. This look first hit the catwalks around the end of 2008 and has slowly been developing since. Now it's becoming quite a popular style for the high street and set to stay a strong trend for the seasons to come. Here are a few images that inspire this trend...

And here are a few of my top picks from the high street. Now I've interpreted this trend as quite a feminine one, as you can probably tell by the floral and lace detailing. I wouldn't necessarily wear these pieces together, (I think it would be too much!) but separately I think they can add an updated antique twist to your wardrobe. My loan (fingers crossed) goes in tomorrow so intending on investing in a few of these pieces as they're defo' up my street and will fit into my existing wardrobe nicely. I've been searching for a pair of lacey ankle socks for ages so Topshop will be first on my list. What do you guys make of this trend?...


  1. I would probably take a few pieces then mix them in with some less pretty pieces just so then it wouldn't look too girly. I always think that lace is pretty timeless and something that doesn't really go out of fashion. I adore the lace dress in the first pic, its so pretty! x

  2. Good idea!(: couldn't agree with you more!:Dxx


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