Thursday, 5 May 2011

Inside your heart is cold...

Sorry for things being a little quiet on the blog front this week; can't believe it's Friday tomorrow already, this week has flown by! Because of work, uni' work and things I got going on the side, nothing exciting has really happened this week which makes blogging a little difficult, bad times. On the positive side my student loan has finally gone in! Being dirt poor for several weeks did teach me to manage my money better so haven't gone on any major splurges (yet!) in an attempt to never get in that situation again, it wasn't fun. I have decided to think more before I buy which is totally not my style, self confessed serial impulse buyer here! So top of my lusted after list is these shorts that I came across whilst tumblrin' the other day...

original source - Life By Matilda

White crochet shorts, could anything be more summery? After a little while searching I found that they are part of the H&M  'Conscious Collection'. Naturally they have disappeared off the site now that I wanted to share with you guys, but here is a pair that is being sold on eBay slightly above the £14.99 original price tag! I am now on a mission to find these/a similar pair to add to my wardrobe. Otherwise I may have to learn to crochet once I break up from uni'!aha. Is it just me or do you guys love these as much as me?...


  1. These shorts are gorgeous and would look amazing with a tan! I'm searching for a pair now too! xxx

  2. ahhh these shorts are so nice,i need some :)

    kate xo

  3. These are so pretty, I'm definitely lusting after some crochet pieces for the summer x

  4. Not just me lusting after the crochet then!:Daha xx

  5. they are still in shops in england!!

  6. I am desperate. I need those shorts but they aren't for sale anymore! anyone suggestions?

    1. mm maybe eBay or etsy? I'm sure someone with some serious crochet skills will be able to knock a pair together!ha.. hope you get you're hands on some! xo


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