Monday, 15 October 2012

sunday post #020

 nando's love; such a winter *goff*; desperados; dyed my hair; cute idea; hey blondie; lush treat box; bubble bath essentials; twilight ballistic water; suitcase; bye bye wales; plane pics; newcastle-upon-tyne; night out outfit; goldslick vodka; wild nights out; up in the clouds; smoothie time; free vino; tables at the john lewis event; modelling time, nia wyn's beautiful collection; uni' days; costa cooler; hepburn.

Yet again I'm slacking on the blogging front! Things have been so go-go-go lately I'm struggling to find time to sleep let alone anything else. I've only been back in uni' for around a month + I'm already buried under a pile of work! My mind is buzzing with competition briefs, collection ideas, dissertation research, fabric samples and sewing techniques. Aaaah work overload!! 

At the moment I'm totally exhausted from burning the candle at both ends, maybe I should find another way to blow off some steam! Last weekend a group of 31 of us descended on Newcastle for a girls weekend away; shots of goldslick vodka, gangnam styling and going to bed at 6am wiped me out for all of last week! Going out this weekend probably wasn't that wise either but I got to spend some time with my girls + managed to get a picture with Mark Wright, all in good night out!

I'm going to try and set some time aside to get back into blogging as I really miss it! I just need a bright day to get some decent photographs, everything seems to be against me at the moment!ha. Now I'm off for a lush bubble bath, snuggle into my onesie and watch Gossip Girl from the beginning(:


  1. you've been busy! and what gorgeous hair.
    you always look so pretty mrs.
    hope you're well,
    laura xx

  2. Love your hair in the 6th snap - it's gorgeous. Sounds like you've been having fun lovely :)

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  3. looks like you had so much fun in newcastle ! xx


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