Wednesday, 24 October 2012

avet shape underwear

AVET SET UNDERWEAR avet shape 66275 in black + sand £15.58*

Being a size 8-10, shape underwear isn't something I'd usually reach for, but after nearly 2 months off from the gym + my diet going out the window, the lovely people from Avet Set Underwear contacted me just at the right time! They kindly sent me two pairs of the high waisted style shape-wear to try, one in nude and one in black. The area of my body that I am most concious of is around my middle, particularly my hips + tops of my legs, so anything that promises to smooth out any lumps + bumps is worth a try in my eyes!

I've given shape-wear a go before but I found that it was really uncomfortable to wear for a prolonged time; it would roll down around my waist + tend to hug too tight around my middle making it uncomfortable. These Avet control pants are completely different! They come up a little higher, just below your bra + have a clear gel strip which helps hold them up. You really forget that you're wearing them, plus they give you that extra confidence when you're having a oops-I-shouldn't-of-had-two-takeaways-over-the-weekend sort of days! I've worn them out twice now; both when needing a little bit of courage to wear super body con dresses. Super comfy, totally unnoticeable + do smooth out any lumps, thumbs up from me! This style and many others are available to buy from

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  1. oh these sound lovely ! xx


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