Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Not my usual type of post today! During my morning scroll on twitter I couldn't help but notice the pictures of gorgeous women and dresses from last night's Met Ball + felt the need to share my favourites. Maybe it's because my university summer ball is next week + I would KILL for a dress like these but I am totally swept up in all the glamour! Flicking though the images I noticed a few trends so split my faves into categories..


How amazing are these dresses and how gorgeous do they all look wearing them! Cameron was my winner of this category but the more I look at Camilla's outfit the more I fall in love! It's accessorised perfectly with a retro sleek up do and that dark plum lip, GORGEOUS!!


Something a little different worn by all three of these celebrities. Beyonce's gown is just over the top amazing! I think MK looks a little like a crazy scientist but weirdly I still kind of like it?ha.. Lana just oozes a sexy vampire vibe with her porcelain skin, cape and again that Gothic lip.


Lots and lots of tulle! (I love Sarah Burton in the background of Florence's photograph having a sneaky look at her creation!ha..) All are beautiful modern takes on the old classics. It's clear from these images that not so perfect up-do's are one to watch! Have you guys seen the pictures from last nights gala? Who wins your vote for best dressed?


  1. I really like Camille Belle's dress and somehow Mary Kate Olsen's dress looks fab as well ! xx


  2. hey, just discovered your blog and it's lovely, now following it :) i agree, i think mary-kate often looks a bit strange but always seems to pull it off lol xxx

  3. i like the Camila Belle and Lana Del Rey :)

  4. You have such a catchy blog! wanna follow each other darling? XoXo



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